Advantages of Web Based Calendars for health and fitness professionals

Obviously we’re massive fans of web based software, but there are some clear advantages to having your appointments accessed and available online. From a business perspective being able to access your schedule from any location is a big advantage – know when and who you have an appointment with and schedule in any new appointments whilst you’re on the move or in your studio or practice.

Not only are online calendars great for accessibility, but they allow your entire team to share calendars effortlessly so your fellow health & fitness professionals can take appointments for you or communicate to your clients what appointments are available.

Don’t be tied to one computer! Whenever we speak with health professionals they always love that they can share their practice management software and online calendars across multiple computers. Being able to view, add, edit information to your online calendar from multiple computers (at home, work or on the move) gives you the freedom and comfort knowing that you can tap into your business and calendar whenever and wherever you need to – as demand requires.

To wrap it up, some of the advantages of using web based calendars include:

1.            Access your appointment information from anywhere that you can get an internet connection

2.            Add or modify new appointments whilst you’re out of the studio or practice

3.            Share calendars in real time effortlessly between fellow health colleagues

4.            Access your calendar on multiple computers and devices

inForm Scheduling

In addition to the advantages of web based calendars (or scheduling), having your practice management software, accounts, marketing and client information in one integrated web based solution has some distinct advantages also.

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