Client Status – Active and Inactive Clients

As your business grows you’ll have some clients that you no longer see on a regular basis, or if at all. Obviously you want to keep these clients in your inForm account, but maybe you don’t want to see them continually in your client list. In this case you can now updated your clients with a ‘Archive’ tag that will move them from your ‘Active’ client list to an ‘Inactive’ one. All of their information will still be available at any time and you can also revert them back if they decide to come back from the wilderness.

Separate your clients into Status Lists

Depending on the status (Active/Inactive) you’ve given your clients they will appear in the corresponding client lists. All client information is still available like sales, details, notes and so on.

inForm Active and Inactive Client Lists

Updating your client status is simple

Just click on the client row in your client list view, at the top is a status dropdown, just select the status you want for that client and inForm will update accordingly.

A few extra tips: the ‘All’ tab includes both Active & Inactive clients, when you click on ‘Clients’ in the main nav ‘Active’ will always be the default client list, making clients ‘Inactive’ will remove them from the client New Appointment dropdown and Sales dropdowns.

Update your client status in inForm