inForm Practice Management Software features scheduling, CRM, and finance in one simple app.

Access anytime / anywhere / any device, save time and simplify the day-to-day with inForm.

Whether you run a health, fitness or other time based business inForm provides invaluable business support designed especially for you.


Never miss a booking again

We know time management is one of the most important things to get right – not to mention one of the greatest challenges!
That’s why we’ve built easy to use features into our calendar, so you can effortlessly manage your appointments and get insight into how you spend your day. Know exactly where, when and who you’re meeting, and what type of appointment it is.

Know your clients intimately

You’re deeply passionate about helping your clients (no matter what industry you’re in). So are we. That’s why we’ve built features that help you securely manage your client’s information. With inForm you can manage your client details, including contacts, addresses, phone numbers, email, purchases, notes, attachments, injury history, referral details, health fund and more.

Keep track of your money

Effortlessly manage your account and let inForm manage your workflow from your appointments all the way through to creating great looking client invoices.
As we all know business success rides on cash flow – understand what’s coming in & what’s still out there and have budgets, sales and expenses nailed.

Update your customers

We’re all about building deeper relationships with clients and customers and having the business
management stuff wrapped up is great – but you also enjoy communicating with your current clients and bringing on new ones!

Need separate calendars for each staff member?

Within inForm you have the ability to provide each user with a separate calendar. When you add a user to inForm you can assign them to specific locations, so when viewed in the scheduling section you can see all users with the account and when you click on the locations tab only users assigned to that location are displayed. You can also view a single calendar for each location, with all the bookings displayed.

Online Scheduling & Accounts software with a bag full of features

Here’s a blow by blow list of inForm features. We couldn’t list them all and we’ve got more coming.
Learn more about us, check out the benefits or try inForm for 14-days free.

Email Marketing

  • Send one or bulk email
  • Email appointment reminders
  • MailChimp integration
  • Campaign Monitor integration
  • Excel client export
  • Create message templates

Social Media Marketing

  • Twitter Integration
  • Linked your Twitter account
  • View Twitter updates
  • Post Twitter updates

SMS Marketing

  • Send one or bulk SMS
  • SMS appointment reminders
  • Create SMS templates

Manage Your Products

  • Create inventory items
  • Sell goods (like a yoga mat)
  • Sell appointments
  • Sell appointment packs
  • Set prices for all products
  • Create product descriptions
  • Track products sold
  • Know selling volumes
  • Export products to Excel
  • Sell gift certificates
  • Discount (mate’s rates)
  • Popular products list
  • Easily add products to invoices

System Preferences

  • Add new locations
  • Multi business
  • Customise branded invoices
  • Default calendar views
  • Link business/es to Xero
  • Manage trial emails
  • Set timezone
  • Set SMS ‘From’
  • ZIP file data export

Team Management

  • Multi User
  • Add new users in < 10 secs
  • Manage user permissions
  • Team calendars


  • Unlimited clients
  • Client tags
  • Import client lists
  • Store client contact details
  • Access details quickly
  • Add client ID image
  • Powerful client search
  • Email clients
  • SMS clients
  • Unlimited notes
  • Add notes in date order
  • Add attachments (PDF’s etc)
  • Manage sales
  • View, print, email invoices

Sales and Expenses

  • Charting
  • Quickly find sales
  • Integrated with Xero
  • Send sales to Xero
  • Send expenses to Xero
  • Forecast daily sales
  • Actual daily sales
  • Forecast weekly sales
  • Actual weekly sales
  • Sales last week
  • Profit & loss report
  • Appointment report
  • Top products chart
  • Top clients chart
  • New clients this week
  • Active / Inactive clients count
  • Prices inc/ex tax
  • Export sales to Excel
  • Export Expenses to Excel
  • Create expense categories
  • Add expense codes
  • View unpaid sales
  • Manage sales tax
  • Manage payment options
  • Quickly manage sales at POS
  • Chart sales vs expenses (profit)


  • 256 bit encryption
  • 30 minute incremental back ups
  • Enterprise grade network


  • Fast appointment making
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Online scheduling
  • Separate staff calendars
  • All staff calendar
  • Separate location calendars
  • Day, week, month views
  • Full screen calendar views
  • Next appointment countdown
  • inForm system time/date clock
  • Date picker for quick entry
  • Colour code appointments
  • Set your appointment durations
  • Label your calendars
  • Client appointments
  • Personal appointments
  • Block out times
  • Scroll thru day, week and months
  • Set reoccurring appointments
  • Appointment pack management
  • Appointment pack countdown
  • Group appointments
  • Pending / Confirmation status
  • Quick add new client
  • Set & forget SMS reminders
  • Set & forget Email reminders
  • Set default reminder time & type
  • Appointment descriptions


  • Unlimited invoicing
  • Create PDF invoices
  • Upload business logo
  • Include business details
  • Customise with extra details
  • Displays tax
  • Displays Provider Numbers
  • A4 or A5 invoices
  • Email invoices
  • Print invoices
  • Archive all invoices
  • Search created invoices
  • Multiple items per invoice
  • Manage outstanding payments
  • Sales history charting
  • International currency
  • International Tax Rates


  • Runs on popular mobile devices
  • iPhone optimised version
  • Android optimised version
  • iPad optimised version

Save time and simplify the day-to-day with inForm. Try a FREE 14-day trial.

Whether you run a health, fitness or other time based business inForm combines scheduling, CRM, and finance in one simple app. Manage your business from all your devices, anytime / anywhere, and enjoy the piece of mind with automatic data backups.