Five great ways to keep your clients motivated

Posted by | August 19, 2010 | Motivating Clients | No Comments

If you’re anything like me finding motivation to exercise can be challenging. It’s easy when it involves swimming at the beach or running around playing touch football with mates but in the middle of winter it is particularly hard when it’s so cold and dark! Here are my top 5 tips on how to keep your clients motivated:

1) Have goals

Encourage your clients to have a goal to work towards. Whether it is getting fit for an overseas trip or running the Oxfam 100km race it is important to remind clients of why they are training. Keep the client focused on the goal and tailor your sessions specifically to that goal. This way the client can continue to be motivated to attend appointments and exercise between sessions.

2) Send SMS/emails (communicate!)

Gee up your client! It’s great to receive text messages encouraging me to exercise and turn up to appointments. Not only does it make the client believe they are important but it can also lead to generating revenue.

3) Give client’s progress reports

Nothing keeps a client more motivated than seeing improvements. It shows a client that all the hard work has paid off. Keep this progress objective with measurements of waistlines, distance achieved in 10 minutes, number of squats they can do and level of flexibility.

4) Use promotions

I’m sure you are wondering where some of your clients have disappeared. Motivate them to return to your practice and achieve results through promotions eg summer bikini body package.

5) Empower your clients

Clients are motivated when they know how to help themselves. If you can teach them how to stay healthy between sessions they are more likely to continue with exercises and benefit long term from your sessions together!