inForm Google Calendar Integration

How does inForm Google Calendar work together?

If you add an appointment to your inForm calendar, and have your Google Calendar account connected, we will automatically sync all your appointments to a calendar in Google called ‘inForm’. We will send across the time, duration, and date of the appointment. We will also add your location, business name and clients (just so you know Google calls clients ‘Attendees’). The great news is that this sync is 2 way. So if you update the appointment time, date, add/edit or delete clients we’ll update these appointments in inForm also.

Depending on your Google calendar settings we will also send your client a meeting invite so they can save it to their calendar – if your edit the appointment at any time an updated invite will be automatically sent to them.
If you have reminders switched on in your Google Cal settings, you will also get a reminder of your up-coming appointment with your client – sent straight to your inbox.

How to set up Google Calendar sync in your inForm account:

  • Go to ‘Preferences > Settings > Google Calendar’
  • Click on ‘Connect’
  • You will be directed to your Google Account page, select your account and give inForm permission
  • Once you have given permission, you will be redirected back to your inForm account
  • inForm will then sync your appointments every 10 minutes (we are working to reduce this time)