inForm Practice Management Software now available on the Apple iPad

We’re pleased to announce that inForm is now available on the Apple iPad! As more and more of you opt for touch screen devices such as the iPad (especially when you’re on the move!) we wanted to give you full access to inForm so we’ve been working hard to make it happen.

So naturally after all the work our team has spent on it we’re pretty pleased to let you know about it.

Access all the inForm features on the iPad

We didn’t just want to give you a dumbed down version of inForm for iPad with limited features, we wanted to give you the entire thing. Browse & access all features using your iPad in the same way you access inForm over any other browser.

Touch Points on our iPad charts

We’ve incorporated iPad compatible charting in inForm and given each chart a nice tooltip for each data point that shows the specific results for that point in time.