inForm Practice Management Software with a stack of new features.

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Check out what’s new in inForm Practice Management Software.

Massive interface enhancements

It’s obvious that we take pride in the inForm interface, but we’ve been wanting to make some improvements for a while to enhance your experience and make getting around inForm a little easier. You’ll now see improved layouts on pretty much every screen within our practice management software.

Custom client tags to better categorise your clients

Use tags to group and sort your clients. Here’s some ideas: create tags by referral source, sport played or by client interest. You can then sort by sport or client interest with one click.

Improved client management

Bringing all your client details together is great. We’ve made this easier with an improved client management screen design – manage client details, notes, sales and appointments with ease.


Now manage business contacts, as well as your clients.

Do you have contacts but they’re not clients? Use our new contacts feature to securely store all your contacts, ready when and where you need them.

Improved reporting engine

We’ve updated our reporting design and added in some more features for a total reporting overhaul.

Improved page sorting

Seems simple enough but we wanted to improve the way you page between your sales, expenses and clients so we’ve updated page navigation and you can now choose how many data rows you can see.

Advanced search on many screens

We’ve added in some advanced search features so you can dig into your business information quickly and easily.

Improved messaging engine

Use our new tags feature to sort clients for targeted messages and marketing campaigns. We’ve included some design updates in this section also. View your client’s photo, view selected clients and insert more custom fields.

And a little bit more –

Improved categorisation of paid and unpaid sales

Bug fixes

Smaller general enhancements

We hope you enjoy the updates, there’s more to come soon.