It’s a new and shiny inForm app homepage layout

One of the updates we’ve made in our latest release was to our home page dashboard. We wanted to bring the important information forward so that it was all viewable quickly from one location.

Your homepage is where we’ll keep you posted on the health of your business…

What’s up Next?

Keep up to date with who and when your next 3 appointments today are. If you have many therapists, see what appointments they have. Always up to to date and viewable on the homepage dashboard.

Todays’ Schedule

See how many appointments you have scheduled for today immediately when you login. Choose to see how many you have, how many each location has or the number of appointments across an entire branch of practice or studio locations.

Today’s Revenue

At a glance see how much revenue you, your therapists or your businesses have scheduled in for today.

View and Update your Twitter Account

We’ve now launched our Twitter integration, allowing you to view and update your tweets directly from your inForm home page. Turn inForm into your marketing platform, use email, SMS and now Twitter to engage with your clients and build your health & fitness community!



Not wanting to leave anything out you can also see you appointments, view and update your Twitter account, see multiple therapists across your locations, and a bit more.


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