Online Scheduling Feature Updates

We’ve just rolled out a number of updates to inForm including some pretty significant ones to our online scheduling features. Here’s a little more about them.


Group appointments together and sell them as a package.

With inForm you can now create packages and determine the number of appointments contained within each package. From a billing and invoicing perspective a package is sold as a single item even though it contains multiple appointments.
You can keep track of how many appointments are left from a package for an individual user when making the appointment bookings. Once all the appointments are used if you add another package it creates a new sale.


Default Reminder Option settings

You can now set up some default reminder settings, set it up once and we’ll bring those default email or SMS reminder settings to every appointment you make. Of course you can edit these if you want, but by having default settings it makes setting automatic reminders simple and snappy.


Multi User and Multi Location Appointment Online Scheduling

You’ve been able to manage multi user and multi location appointments for a while now with inForm but we’ve just make some small updates to make creating new appointments even easier. We’ve just made some user interface enhancements that make the process slick and enjoyable. It’s easy to manage appointments for a large team, see what appointments are available, manage locations and their bookings and more. With inForm you can also manage group appointments for classes or small training or client groups.


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