Personal Trainers hit with increasing council fees to use public spaces

The issue of personal trainers using public spaces has been creating debate between personal trainers, councils and local residents for some time now. Many councils now charge personal trainers to use publically available spaces for their client training sessions. Many residents and councils believe the fees for use of public space for conducting their business are justified.

If you’re a personal trainer, fees vary considerably from council to council.  Councils ‘user pays’ system operate on a few different pricing models including a flat fee or a tiered pricing model based on your usage (e.g $2 per session for a fitness group of one to five people and $6 for a group of six to ten).

It’s a thorny topic, with personal trainers arguing that they pay fees with no guarantee of the space being available, residents saying that its public space in which they pay for the upkeep and don’t want the sound of grunting and fists hitting boxing bags at 6am every morning, and councils wanting to fairly charge for use of public space. There is no doubt that training clients on beaches and parks has many advantages – fresh air, large open spaces, no leasing overhead – but the balance between all parties must be met and the issue between all parties will continue to be contentious.