Practice Management Software – getting ahead of the rest

It is important to us to spend time reviewing the market to make sure we stay on top of our competitors.  As you can imagine it was great news for us to hear positive feedback from one of our physio friends, Amy, who’s just opened her new practice.

Amy was searching for practice management software to trial in her clinic with very disappointing results.  Firstly all she could find was practice management software to download onto her computer and the final straw was not being compatible with Macs!  Having become a convert to Mac computers (and never going back), Amy now has to operate from 2 computers.  She’s on our heels to get inForm up and running so she can have an internet based product, allowing her to simply sign up and start managing her business immediately, check her schedule, take bookings out of the office and understand how her business is performing.

This has got us even more fired up to bring you the best product with great features to help you manage your health practice or fitness business!

inForm Scheduling