Product Update – Online Invoicing – Manage Tax and Payments

Improvements to inForm Online Invoicing

This month we’ve released a whole bucket of updates. One of the improvements that we wanted to make to online invoicing was to let customers set the tax rates and payment options for their business. This introduces a whole lot more flexibility for businesses in regions that we previously could not support and improves the process around managing tax on sales, expenses and inventory items (such as appointments and goods).

With the tax updates you can simply set the tax rate and then either assign inclusive, exclusive or no tax to your inventory items or expenses.

We also knew that you wanted to have more control over the payment options you have in inForm. Previously we had a set of default payment options but now you can set up your own, call them what you like and add as many as you like. You can then record these payment options easily against any of your client invoices and understand money received through the inForm banking report.


We hope this makes managing your health and fitness business simpler. Enjoy our new online invoicing features.

The Get inForm Team