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inForm Multi User Accounts Now Available

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We’re super pleased to say that inForm Multi User accounts have now landed! Manage your team, clients and business using inForm web based practice management software with more ease and access than ever before. With our multi user accounts you can:  – Add new users to your accounts – Manage the access rights for each of your users – Have a separate calendar for each therapist, personal trainer, or physio – Each user can login to check their schedule – Track and report on all therapist / instructor sales Alongside the multi user features we’ve rolled in many new enhancements to make managing your…

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Personal Trainer? Create insanely great client experiences.

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Think differently about your brand experience. The most successful health and fitness professionals feel passionately about their work. They pass their passion along to their clients. If you’re excited about improving the lives of your customers, make that a part of your brand. Every day, every time you interact with a client, give them insanely great client experiences. Send them home motivated to make changes in their lives, make them want to exercise between appointments. Show them the way that proper eating affects their overall health. All of these things benefit your customers and benefit your brand – and passion…

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Adult Pre Exercise Screening Tool released by leading industry bodies

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Fitness Australia, Exercise and Sports Science Australia and Sports Medicine Australia have jointly developed an Adult Pre-Exercise Screening Tool reported to establish a consistent approach for pre-exercise screening and management across the broader industry.  Its aim is to ensure better health outcomes and sustained physical activity for a client throughout their lifespan. The three-staged Adult Pre Exercise Screening Tool is based upon the latest available research, includes an evidenced based exercise intensity guide and thorough user guide for practitioners. Fitness Australia, Exercise Sports Science Australia and Sports Medicine Australia will be conducting CEC workshops and presentations on the tool over…

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Technology Tips for health professionals

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Administrative burden is a common complaint of fitness professionals, which can lead to frustration and impact on your bottom line. Technology helps you set up an efficient business management framework, allowing you to see more clients and/or add balance back into your life. When setting up your business, understand what you want from it and then use available technologies to help you get there. Planning and implementing these technologies into your business at the start will have a daily and long term impact. Some of our technology tips: 1/ SMS / email auto reminders – reduce your no-shows and time…

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Advantages of Web Based Calendars for health and fitness professionals

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Obviously we’re massive fans of web based software, but there are some clear advantages to having your appointments accessed and available online. From a business perspective being able to access your schedule from any location is a big advantage – know when and who you have an appointment with and schedule in any new appointments whilst you’re on the move or in your studio or practice. Not only are online calendars great for accessibility, but they allow your entire team to share calendars effortlessly so your fellow health & fitness professionals can take appointments for you or communicate to your…

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Using technology to get your life and business balance back on track

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It’s great to hear health and fitness bodies recognising and getting behind technology in the business place.  A recent blog “Can technology give you your life business back?” from Robert Barnes at Fitness Australia outlined the emerging trend of social media, mobile technology and cloud computing and challenged fitness professionals to embrace technology as a way of reducing costs and enhancing productivity and profitability from their business. Not having enough time to manage their business is a common complaint of health and fitness professionals.  Things like marketing, invoicing, client management and business reporting are tedious but all important to the…

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inForm web based software designed specifically for health and fitness professionals.

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We’re excited to announce that inForm Beta is now live! In the same way that you access your online bank account, hotmail or facebook from anywhere, with inForm you can access your client information, schedules, billing details, sales reports, business charting and client notes allowing you to easily manage your business anywhere, at anytime. inForm allows you to manage many areas of your business from client information and performance, daily schedule to your accounts – and everything in between. We know you’re busy working with your clients and doing what you’re passionate about, so we look after the grunt-work. Although…

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Fitness Australia launches industry’s first major consumer awareness campaign

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Congratulations to Fitness Australia who have just launched a national advertising campaign “Exercise, your life needs it!”. The campaign kicked off on the 10th October in five of Australia’s major cities, airing on Channels 7 and 9 for a 5 week campaign blitz. In addition to TVC’s, the campaign will be supported by bus advertisements educating the public about making the right choice of a fitness provider when they start exercising, but also highlights the importance of checking whether their gym or trainer is Registered with Fitness Australia. Fitness Australia have also pulled together a consumer website supporting the…

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Practice Management Software – getting ahead of the rest

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It is important to us to spend time reviewing the market to make sure we stay on top of our competitors.  As you can imagine it was great news for us to hear positive feedback from one of our physio friends, Amy, who’s just opened her new practice. Amy was searching for practice management software to trial in her clinic with very disappointing results.  Firstly all she could find was practice management software to download onto her computer and the final straw was not being compatible with Macs!  Having become a convert to Mac computers (and never going back), Amy…

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Word of Mouth Referrals – ideas on how to attract more clients through referrals to your health and fitness business

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Attracting more clients is the lifeblood of your health & fitness business. As always this comes down to well planned marketing. Don’t be concerned, marketing your business is easy and you’re probably doing it right now. By paying attention to the small things you do, and leveraging your existing relationships with your current clients, you can really improve your client numbers – which in turn will increase your bottom line! Word of mouth referrals is by far the most influential strategy for marketing your health & fitness business. We’ve all heard of Business to Business Marketing (B2B) and Business to…

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