Administrative burden is a common complaint of fitness professionals, which can lead to frustration and impact on your bottom line. Technology helps you set up an efficient business management framework, allowing you to see more clients and/or add balance back into your life.

When setting up your business, understand what you want from it and then use available technologies to help you get there. Planning and implementing these technologies into your business at the start will have a daily and long term impact.

Some of our technology tips:

1/ SMS / email auto reminders – reduce your no-shows and time spent chasing missed appointments.

2/ Online calendar – access and book in patients anytime / anywhere avoiding duplication of effort.

3/ Client database – from Excel to software, know you can quickly access all your client information in one spot.

4/ Invoicing – use software to help you keep track of your income and debtors reducing time wasting and lost income.

This was published in the Fitness Australia REPS magazine March 2011.

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