Top tips to starting a massage therapy business

So you want to start your very own massage therapy business…but not entirely sure where to start?

After speaking with some business owners who have set up their own health & fitness businesses, we thought we’d put together a quick fire list covering some of the things you need to consider if you want to start you own successful massage business, here they are!

1. Get Qualified

So you’ve decided that you want to start a massage business, the first thing you need to tackle is getting qualified. If you want to be a massage therapist and start your own business you generally need to have a minimum massage qualification. In Australia these vary and courses can be from weekend intensive to year long tertiary qualifications. It’s important to understand what you are trying to achieve with you business and lifestyle and pick the appropriate massage courses for you.

2. Register with a massage association

There are a number of massage associations that provide a wide variety of member benefits and represent the massage industry and their members’ interests at various levels of government to ensure members and the wider industry is being fairly represented and that the profile of the industry if being improved. Often associations will have a few different levels membership to choose from depending on your circumstances, level of education and what you are wanting to gain from being a member of that association.

In addition some associations have minimum education requirements for entry levels which ensures the value of being a member is upheld.

Some benefits include discounted professional indemnity and public liability insurance, access to health fund rebates, support service and information from the association, journal subscriptions, directory listings and a range of other benefits.

A couple of member associations in Australian are:
Australian Traditional Medicine Society –
Australian Association of Massage Therapists –

3. Choose & register a trading name

What’s in a name? Well it can have a huge impact, so have a good think about this one before you start on your business journey. Remember this is what will greet your clients on your business cards, website, business cards and it’s the name you will use when you answer the phone! Once you have come away with a few great ideas, you can check with or on their business/company name registers to see whether your proposed business name is available, if so jump right in and register it. It’s best to also speak with a  qualified accountant to understand what business structure is right for you.

Tip – when choosing a business name it’s always a good idea to check if you can get the domain name also. You can check this easily at any domain name site.

4. Get an ABN (Australian Business Number)

Once you have your business or company name, you need to register for an ABN. Do that here –

5. Register with the health funds

Your clients will most likely want to claim their massage with their health funds and get a rebate (one of the perks for private health insurance!). You need to register with the health funds to receive a provider number. This provider number is unique to you and is the method that the health funds use to identify you and process health funds rebates back to your clients.

6. Think marketing

– Website

– Social media

– Referral marketing

– And all your customer touchpoints

7. Get software (massage clinic software)– As a massage therapist it’s what you need. It’s very important to ensure that you stay on top of all your business obligations and inForm can certainly help.

It’s one app, with many roles. Scheduling, CRM (client management), Accounts and Marketing. Simply sign up in under 60 seconds on our website and you are up and running immediately with your own customised massage clinic software package.

8. Purchase or borrow business equipment

Equipment can be expensive so be sure to budget well and only buy what you need – new or second hand.

9. Start massaging!

Having everything else locked away you can start to relax and reinvigorate your clients. Enjoy!