Why is Word of Mouth Marketing so Important for Health and Fitness Professionals?

You have all the prerequisites for establishing a booming health and fitness business. Top notch credentials hang on the wall. A well trained staff member supports you. You chose just the right location. Still, one thing is missing. Positive word of mouth marketing hasn’t yet begun to circulate. A lot of health and fitness professionals don’t realise how important personal recommendations are. They can be the difference between just a few clients and a whole lot of clients. They can also be the difference between success and failure. Having customers who speak well about you to their friends cannot be underestimated.

The best training available and the latest equipment cannot overcome a bad reputation. Service businesses are built on customer relations. Customer relations are reflected in the way your clients talk about you. Health and fitness clients want personalised service. Personal rapport between clients and their health and fitness professionals breeds trust. People recommend the services of individuals who have treated them with courtesy and respect. As a business owner you can show your customers you respect them by being on time for appointments. Clients also respond well when you remember their names and their concerns. Fully featured practice management software assists you in making and keeping appointments. It also has note taking tools to help you remember important customer information.

Positive word of mouth starts with your very customer on your very first day of business.
People tell others about bad experiences more often than they tell them about good experiences. Statistics show that people who think they weren’t treated well tell several other people about their feelings. Thus, it takes lots of positive word of mouth to outweigh one negative opinion. If you are late for one appointment, you can be sure many others will know about it. For that reason, you never want to miss a scheduled meeting.

Health and fitness businesses thrive on good relationships. Good relationships thrive when clients feel you are interested in them. Some people are blessed with excellent memories. A lot of people are forgetful. Practice management software includes areas for note taking. Take notes while speaking with a client either by hand or on a tablet computer. Transcribe the notes into the customer’s file. Refer to them immediately before the client’s next appointment. You will be refreshed on the likes and needs of the customer. The customer will feel complimented by the personal attention.