Word of Mouth Referrals – ideas on how to attract more clients through referrals to your health and fitness business

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Attracting more clients is the lifeblood of your health & fitness business. As always this comes down to well planned marketing. Don’t be concerned, marketing your business is easy and you’re probably doing it right now. By paying attention to the small things you do, and leveraging your existing relationships with your current clients, you can really improve your client numbers – which in turn will increase your bottom line!

Word of mouth referrals is by far the most influential strategy for marketing your health & fitness business.

We’ve all heard of Business to Business Marketing (B2B) and Business to Consumer Marketing (B2C) but what’s Word-of-Mouth Marketing all about?  Word-of-Mouth Marketing is really Consumer to Consumer Marketing (C2C) and it is the most powerful of all!  Successful Word-of-Mouth Programs often by-pass the need for you to sell your products or services as the prospect has already been qualified and recommended by a trusted source.

The aim is to get your happy clients to become advocates for you! Get them to talk about your relationship, the service you offer and get them to tell their family, friends and work colleagues.

So how do you get your clients to start talking about you?

Be remarkable! Always strive to get results for your clients.

Make sure you are exceeding your current clients’ expectations now – whether you are a personal trainer, massage therapist, physiotherapist or other health professional – strive to be remarkable! (Great book on this very subject, Seth Godin’s The Purple Cow http://www.sethgodin.com/sg)

Ask your client to intro your business to their family, friends or work colleagues.

As you deliver a great service that you clients appreciate, you have a good relationship. Let them know that you are looking to grow your business and as a result you’re looking for new clients. This is absolutely a good idea, people are social and very happy to recommend someone or something that they have had a positive experience about – so let this work to your advantage.

Think incrementally.

If you have an existing client base you don’t need to race out and get a large group of new clients, you need incremental growth. Get an extra client through your network, then another, then another. You may be pleasantly surprised by the speed of new clients coming on board, and what you need to be focused on is remaining remarkable – ensuring that you existing clients are still very well looked after and your new clients are feeling what was promised to them by their friend, family member of work colleague. This is important also as it’s your referring parties reputation on the line also as they have vouched for you and your remarkable health & fitness services.

Invite clients to invite their friends , family or work colleagues to join the workouts (personal training, Pilates or yoga classes for example).

This is a great way to introduce your clients’ network to your health & fitness business’ services. Let them experience what your service is all about, that way they can get a sample of what they are missing.

Offer group discounts if your clients sign up some friends. Friends love to train with other friends!

This is a great way to bring new clients on board. It gives your existing clients an opportunity to go out to their friends/colleagues and get them involved in your business. As we all know and have experienced, friends love to train with other friends! If your clients bring on board 10 new clients for a group class, give them all a new group price for the session. It doesn’t need to be an ongoing promotion, but it’s a great way to get your clients to introduce new clients to your business.

Offer your advice to clients’ friends, family and work colleagues.

You have a lot of knowledge! People are willing to pay you for this knowledge and you’re seen as an expert in your respective health or fitness discipline. So why not offer complementary advice based on an introduction. This will get your foot in the door with them, and increase the likelihood of bringing them on board as a valued client.

As you can see there are many ways you can implement a Word-of-Mouth marketing campaign to grow your business. Leverage the good will that you have built with your clients and I’m confident that your clients will be happy ambassadors of you and your business.